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Mumcode Software MumSMS Plus v5.07 (S60v5)

Mumcode Software MumSMS Plus v5.07 (S60v5)

MumSMS Plus(MumSMS+)had been upgrade to S60 5th edition platform. The product is available now and the full description of functionality can be obtained online at handango or mobile2day Strong points summarized:
- A touch-enabled, powerful, secure and all-in-one user interface.
- Protect all type msg. include SMS/MMS/Service/Wap-push/Bluetooth/IR messages.
- Protect inbox/sent/draft folders automatically if user defined.
- Unlimited amount of user-defined profiles which can be switched at will.
- Two type of profiles as before, black lists and white lists.
- Any telephone no./contact person/prefix of telephone no.are allowed being added into the list of profile.
- Support user-defined unread notification of automatically protection.
- Support scanning of any folders for hide/show/apply-profile by handy operation.
- All hidden messages can be read only after right password input.

Note: MumSMS+ for S60 uses only following unrestricted and user-grantable capabilities: 1)ReadUserData
The installation package had been self-signed before the delivering. And in most S60 devices, you need to change the default software installation setting to ‘All’ to allow installation of self-signed applications (Tools - App. Manager - Options - Settings).

For all Symbian 9.4 (S60v5) mobiles like N97, Music Xpress 5800, etc.

Download: 200 KB

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